Turgon Orc-Born

Outcast half-elf Chaos Sorcerer who seeks acceptance


Turgon is a half elf, born of violence when his mother was on a holy pilgrimage as a chaste sister of Hanali Celanil. Her group was set upon by a hunting party of half orcs and orcs from a local tribe. Turgon’s father was a half Orc and Turgon has very distinguishable Orc features. However he inherited more of the elven side so he is definitely a half elf, quarter human, quarter orc. Being born of rape and raised in his mother’s orphanage he was constantly reminded of his heritage and gained the name Orc-Born.

As for his mother, she had a mental breakdown and has only seen her son a handful of times. Bordering on insanity she is content to live a life cloistered away from everyone, devoted to her god.

Turgon has a very strong desire to one day confront his father if he still lives. He doesn’t want to kill him, but is more interested in discovering his family’s past.

Turgon has a soft spot for the poor and especially children. He would prefer to use his diplomacy to get out of situations rather than kill.

  • Maester Brau has a relationship with his mother that he wishes he had.
  • Has a refugee / helping hand relationship with Dunkelbock
  • Seeks acceptance in the Elven Refuge

Turgon Orc-Born

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