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  • Maester Brau

    Brau barely remembers his parents. Both were killed during a raid on his family's hold toward the end of the Great Dwarven-Elf War 50 years ago. Badly hurt during the raid, Brau was nursed back to health by a young elven sorceress and was eventually …

  • Arya

    * [[:dunkelbock | Dunklebock]] has taken Arya under his wing and taught her how to fight * Has a powerful and recurring dream that she somehow saves [[:balasar | Balasar]] * Has an undefined desire to travel in the company of Rangers and Travellers

  • Balasar

    * Has a shared dream that [[:arya | Arya]] will somehow save him * Seeks to be heroic, especially to Maria’s character * Has some bond to the charred remnants of a trade caravan

  • Turgon Orc-Born

    Turgon is a half elf, born of violence when his mother was on a holy pilgrimage as a chaste sister of Hanali Celanil. Her group was set upon by a hunting party of half orcs and orcs from a local tribe. Turgon's father was a half Orc and Turgon has very …

  • Dunkelbock

    * Serves as a mentor to the young half-elf rogue [[:arya | Arya]]. Almost like a father to her. Taught her how to fend for herself. * Has a Refugee / Helping Hand relationship with [[:targon-orc-born | Targon]] * Has drawn the attention of an outlawed …

  • Kali Lannen

    * Maria is keeping [[:balasar | Balasar’s]] secret * Served on opposite sides of the war from [[:maester-brau | Brau]]….captured [[:maester-brau | Brau]] as a young man in the Elven-Dwarf War eventually sending him to [[:turgon-orc-born | Turgon’s]] …

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