Maester Brau

Unpredictable Dwarven Cleric of Talos


Brau barely remembers his parents. Both were killed during a raid on his family’s hold toward the end of the Great Dwarven-Elf War 50 years ago.

Badly hurt during the raid, Brau was nursed back to health by a young elven sorceress and was eventually raised as a ward in “The Order of the Golden Heart”, a foster home / refugee school of sorts founded by clerics of Hanali Celanil.

The matriarchs at the Order were patient with Brau who was very difficult to handle. Possibly because he missed the sounds of Dwarven hammers in the Undermountain, Brau always found himself drawn to the crash of the waves, especially when the waves were churned by a good storm. He found that he understood them, as they matched the churning inside his heart.

  • Has relationship with Turgon’s mom. Treats her as if she’s an oracle, thinks she has insight into the workings of the universe.
  • Served as the Windmaster for the notorious “Black Company”, a renown pirate group

Maester Brau

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